Friday Night Fights: KRAKADOOOOOOM!

Behold! Bahlactus rages unabated, and in the wake of his weekly fury, the ISB has no recourse but to unleash a conflict that dwarfs the infinite!! Tremble, ye mortals, for the streetwise devourer of worlds hath declared a bone-shattering battle of galactic proportions that once again rocks that which man doth call The Inter-Net!

So it is written… So it shall be done!!!










Mother Box struggles to contain the cosmic destruction of Friday Night Fights.

11 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: KRAKADOOOOOOM!

  1. You know when a comic is by Simonson when the sound effects have seventeen letters.

  2. Seriously, what series is this from! I have to get it just for the mind-bending awesomeness that is this intergalatic brawl between Darkseid and Orion.

  3. I can’t decide which I like better, this or Simonson having Thor knock all of the Midgard Serpent’s teeth out.
    Actually, I’m going to go with ALL the fight scenes with Thor as Frog of Thunder. That was so sweet.

  4. Oh man, I looked all over about a year ago to find the trade paperback this was in, just to get this fight. Best touch; Orion saying “The time for talking is over.” and then there’s no dialogue until the fight is done. That and all the cameos in the crowd scenes at the top and bottom, and of course Simonson’s classic sound effects.

    But just think about what this had to live up to; this was THE FIGHT, the one Kirby had always suggested was going to end the whole Fourth World saga, one 30 years in the making-and it kicked that much ass. Simonson, when he’s on, is truly the Man.

  5. You ain’t kidding. I remember getting this book when it came out, and thinking, “Wow. It lives up to the hype!” Holy crap, was that good.

  6. The Orion series is one of my top three favorite comic runs of all time, along with Flex Mentallo and Watchmen. It’s that damn good. There was only one man who could live up to Kirby.

    This was an amazing issue. And all the cameos at the top and bottom of each page– especially Robocop and Jack Kirby himself– awesome.

  7. Now that you’ve used Simonson for this weekend’s fights, the next logical step is to bring in:


  8. In a later issue of Orion, the letters page noted that some readers complained about the lack of dialogue in the issue-long Orion-vs-Darkseid throwdown. Thus the editors were kind enough to provide a collection of word balloons that you could clip out and add to the pictures from issue #5.

    The balloons said things like “OOF!” and “Ah! He punched me in the head!” and “Why I oughta!”

    Orion ruled. The last issue, #25, is one of my all-time faves.