War Rocket Ajax #10: Halloween Special with Matt Sturges!



War Rocket Ajax creeps into a scarifying Spooktoberfest Special, with Euge and talking to writer Matt Sturges about Blue Beetle, the comics that scared us when we were kids, and the shocking similarities between House of Mystery #15 and The Chronicles of Solomon Stone #1.

And to continue our spooky shennanigans, our Halloween special brings the long-awaited Ajax appearance of Evie and Aaron from Awesomed By Comics, as the friendliest rap battle in the world culminates in what is unquestionably the strangest Castlevania trivia contest ever. Plus, a special Halloween-themed double-shot of Big Ups To All My Haters!

Head over there to download or stream it now, or get it on iTunes later tonight!

One thought on “War Rocket Ajax #10: Halloween Special with Matt Sturges!

  1. Hey, you used my question! (the Annotated Fables one). I tweeted it through my brother over the phone from work. I AM THAT DEDICATED. Props on pronouncing his (nick)name properly! Most people get that wrong.

    I could swear Sturges was co-writer on Fables and then moved on to Jack but I guess he wasn’t. That’s pretty much why I asked Sturges.