Sick Day



It’s not quite as bad as Sixpack’s problem up there–as depicted in the pages of Hitman #51–but, well, let’s just say that I’m not feeling well tonight and new content’ll just have to wait for tomorrow.

Incidentally, Dave Campbell is also a little under the weather these days, which means that there’s the very real possibility that there’s some kind of super-virus out there attacking the world’s greatest comic book humor bloggers.

And also Dave Campbell.

11 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. Chris,
    I’m not sick.

    There goes your theory on the blogger virus.

    Unless, it just hasn’t made it to atlanta yet! keep away from me, sick boy!

  2. I am not a comic book blogger,
    but I know exactly how you feel.

    Thanks Chris for lightening up my (Sick) Day.

  3. My fav Sixpack moment:

    “And then I smashed [Darkseid] in the face with a bottle of tequila!”

    …I miss Hitman.