Happy Herbieween!

On this day, it’s important that we all remember the true meaning of Halloween, as embodied by that stalwart of the season, Herbie Popnecker:









And as much candy as you can possibly stand!



Happy Herbieween, Everyone!


All images from Dark Horse’s indepsensible Herbie Archives.

13 thoughts on “Happy Herbieween!

  1. A herbie costume would be great, even though nobody would get it.

    For the second year now I’m giving kids the choice between candy or a comic book, and about 75% have gone with the comic so far tonight. There’s hope for the youth of America yet.

  2. I ended up running out of comics this year. I had over 30 to begin with. Last year only about 15-20 took comics. I’m going to have to find a source of some really cheap comics for next year. And I’d really like to know what the kids think of the Kirby 2001 and Machine Man comics they got.

  3. I didnt give out anything. no trick or treaters ever make it out this far into the wilderness. so i went to a party. As the Riddler.

  4. “Shouldn’t that be “Professor Frankenstein’s Monster”?”

    I think it would actually be “Doctor Frankestein’s Professor-Monster”

  5. Or Professor Professor Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster. And that’s if you don’t recognize all of the names of the body parts that make him up. That it would really get convoluted. It’s just easier to call him Frankenstein, okay, anal people?

  6. Since he’s originally German, it might be Herr Doktor Professor Herr Doktor Frankenstein’s Monster (as Dr. Frankenstein wasn’t a teacher, I’m pretty sure it is not Herr Doktor Professor Herr Doktor Professor Frankenstein’s Monster).

  7. This year I went as Balloon Boy, with my very expensive costume which consisted of a cardboard box and two balloons attached to the top of the box.

    Most people didn’t get it. One kid said I was “Balloon Head!”

    Close enough, kid. Close enough.

    And to think I almost went as the Nobel Peace Prize.