War Rocket Ajax #12: Dark Reign with Twisted Toyfare Theater!



This week on War Rocket Ajax, it’s our most jam-packed episode yet, as Euge and I sit down with four of the writers behind Twisted Toyfare Theater to talk about getting away with filthy jokes, our reactions to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and why exactly Mego Spider-Man makes the perfect main character.

And that’s not all: This week, the Ajax Triple-Play returns as Euge and I are joined in the third chair by a very special guest for our mandatory Dark Reign tie-in! Plus we offer up comics reviews, batten down the hatches for a Hater Hurricane, and finally reveal our connection to the wildly popular Fake AP Stylebook! It’s our biggest episode yet, available to download or stream from the website now along with a full-sized title screen from Rusty, and up on iTunes later tonight!

4 thoughts on “War Rocket Ajax #12: Dark Reign with Twisted Toyfare Theater!

  1. Dude, you completely turned the “Big Ups” segment around. I don’t know what the missing ingredient was, but this week’s installment was the best ever!

  2. Whoever said you sound like Glenn Beck is way off so please don’t kill yourself.
    My wife heard WRA and asked if that was Clay Aiken. But she likes Clay Aiken.
    So I hope that’s better.