Warrior Wisdom Fridays #10



As a service to our readership, each installment of Warrior Wisdom Fridays will provide an inspirational (and actual) quote from the Ultimate Warrior so that those who read it may take it to heart and reflect on how it may improve their lives. Installments of WWF should be accompanied by fifteen to twenty minutes of meditation and reflection, aided by soft music or strong herbal tea.

10 thoughts on “Warrior Wisdom Fridays #10

  1. In a previous WWF we learned that the UW once injected Hulk Hogan with Warrior Poison to make him stronger. And now we learn that he once created a force field around a belt that acted like a poison to weaken Rick Rude.

    In a non-obvious way it proves that the UW has completely mastered the secrets of matter and anti-matter.

    He can give life, and he can take it away.

    It’s that simple.

  2. “…promises are made to be broken…along with arms,legs, necks and hearts.” — Rick Rude, The Sexiest Man Alive

  3. Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are doing battle tonight at Rod Laver arena not 120km from where im currently sitting and im not there and i hate myself quite a bit right now. Whoooo!

  4. A lot of Warrior’s wisdom has wound up on Youtube. The best is probably the “take the controls, Hulk Hogan” speech, but a quick search will turn up quite a few. Psycho Sid has a few worthy morsels as well.

  5. You’d think that a guy with the powers of injectible spiritual poisons and belt-surrounding, strength-sapping forcefields would do more in the ring than toss his opponent around and body slam him.

    And yet, not so much.