11 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From the Ultimate Warrior

  1. He’d go perfectly in the place of the fatherly fellow.

    Legions of the ISB, photoshop this unto me!

  2. So in Thanksgiving day he thanks for the power to wage war at a certain event. Not many of us would think to express gratitude for the same reason.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. And thanks Chris for the greatest blog on the Multiverse.

  3. “That is because you lack DESTRUCITY!”

    Maybe because i didn’t receive the FDA recommended dosage of Warrior Poison. YET!

  4. Happy Huge Plate Of Food Day!

    I can’t help but wonder — did the Warrior ever do a “Native American” getup, with leather moccasins, feathers, and so on? I can see him doing a horribly awkward stomping “rain dance” in a ring in such a getup.

    Of course, it’s hard to top “Tatanka! BUFFALO!”

  5. Though I doubt they used the same words, why do I get the feeling that at least some of the Pilgrims were at least thinking something like this when they sat down for fish with the Natives?

    Sorry. Just a thought.