Warrior Wisdom Fridays #12



As a service to our readership, each installment of Warrior Wisdom Fridays will provide an inspirational (and actual) quote from the Ultimate Warrior so that those who read it may take it to heart and reflect on how it may improve their lives. Installments of WWF should be accompanied by fifteen to twenty minutes of meditation and reflection, aided by soft music or strong herbal tea.

11 thoughts on “Warrior Wisdom Fridays #12

  1. With just a word the Warrior could command us Canadians to brutally sacrifice a human being. He still occasionally calls us, when he needs us.

  2. It’s like Moses responding, if he had come down from the mountain to find Aaron challenging him to a cage match.

    Or vice-versa. Who was more hardcore? Moses or Aaron?

    Question for the ages, I guess.

  3. Arsenio Hall, getting the hottest interviews, asking the toughest questions. I seem to remember (maybe wrongly) that he interviewed the Hulkster once, either on his show or while Hall was subbing for Johnny Carson, and Hogan spent the whole time talking smack about Joan Rivers, of all people.

    RIP Umaga.

  4. A true question for the ages, or at least for this month-
    Who would win in a battle, Batman…
    …or Santa?

  5. Every one of these – every single one – leaves me staring at the screen, saying “What.” to myself.

    I’m starting to think maybe the herbal tea and meditation is a good idea.

  6. Now I have this horrid image in my head of Koala “drop bears” dropping from the ceiling of the Skydome, fangs and claws bared, all wearing Warrior facepaint.


  7. @HydrogenGuy: The worst part was that, as a kid, I had no problem understanding the Warrior’s promos.

    Is it me, or are these disproportionally drawn from pre-WMVI? Admittedly, that was Warrior at his craziest, but, c’mon, there must be some where he’s ranting about taking on Hercules in the opening match of a show in a town so shitty Hogan isn’t even going to turn up.

  8. He sure says “Hulk Hogan” a lot. I think this is the first time he said it twice in a row. I mean yeah, I assume that’s who he’s talking to, whether directly or not, but after the first mention you’d think he would just leave it assumed.

    Every time I read one of these, I feel like I’m Hulk Hogan, and I’m thinking to myself the whole time “Oh God, whenever he stops talking I’m going to have to respond to this somehow.” I mean, what do you say to stuff like this? I think the Academy should acknowledge the quality performance Hogan or any wrestler accomplished by holding a conversation with this nut. This is why they have writers and scripts. To prevent this kind of rambling madness.

    Throughout all of these so far, I have never just stopped, confused and afraid, as I did when he mentioned his fans hanging from the roof of the arena dome, upside-down. I can think of very few possible scenarios he had in mind for this visual, and they are all horrifying.