Warrior Wisdom Fridays: Christmas With The Warrior, Part One



At Christmastime, our selections of the Ultimate Warrior’s inspirational philosophy turn to his thoughts on this, the holiest of seasons, as codified in the text pieces of his 1996 comic book Christmas Special. Please enjoy a glass of eggnog and ruminate on what we may learn here about the true meaning of Christmas.

13 thoughts on “Warrior Wisdom Fridays: Christmas With The Warrior, Part One

  1. I googled the same thing Ewzzy did. Chris, I must notify you that you’ll be receiving bills from my psychotherapist. The bad news is that it could take a while before I’ve fully recovered. Good news: My therapist takes Visa and Mastercard. (Not Discover.)

  2. He’s a bit more off-course than usual, isn’t he?

    Oh, wait — he’s talking about Yukon Cornelius. Sorry — my bad.

  3. It’s interesting how the Warrior, like the rest of us, can’t keep up with his own nonsense sometimes. And instead of stopping and starting over, he hopes to distract us from his confusion by asking us to stroke him.

    Which doesn’t…

    Which isn’t…

    It can’t…

    Sorry. Lost my train of thought. All I can think of is a giant muscular man in Speedos, covered in baby oil, asking me to stroke him.

  4. Wait… am I deciphering this correctly?

    “It’s the story of JESUS. It’s really cool. Now touch my naughty bits.”

    Um. Wow.

    Didn’t the Warrior comic book have a scene where he knocks out Santa, strips him naked, and then runs around wearing fur boots and little else or something equally uncomfortable to look at?