Christmas Presents!

I generally try to keep my celebrations pretty quiet, but sharp-eyed ISB readers may have noticed a few vague references over the past few weeks to Christmas, my favorite holiday.

Yes, Christmas! A time for family and togetherness, but far more importantly, a time for presents. And I’ve got to say, I made out pretty well this year. In addition to the truly amazing t-shirt that Euge gave me as part of our live-on-Ajax gift exchange…



…I also managed to score a nice version of RoboCop from Rachelle, some great presents from readers–including an action figure of Dr. Rockzo: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Clown from Charlie Oliver–and a copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which is an amazingly fun reminder that I used to be really good at video games.

I also got a surprise from the creators of El Gorgo, Mike McGee and Tamas Jakab: The complete Bronze Age Betty and Veronica in PDF on DVD. It’s every issue from 197- to 1979, and it’s from the same people who did the Complete Collection for the Marvel books. If only I’d had this back when I was putting together the Common People post…



…things would’ve been so much easier.

Incidentally, the panel above is Ronnie doing an impression of Virginia Cleary, a little known Riverdale resident who is so sexy that her walk is always accompanied by the sounds of Frosty the Snowman:



The standout gift, however, is the one I got way early from Kevin Church: A Batman storybook:



But not just any Batman storybook, as I found out when I popped it open to the title page. This is the story of a very special team-up:



That’s right: A story where I help Batman solve not just a case of a stolen robot, but the case of the stolen robot. It’s one of those books where you put in a kid’s name and a little information about them and it plugs them into the story, but man, for something based on a form, they got my voice down pat:



It arrived so early that it was a complete surprise, and as it ends with me and Batman becoming best friends, it’s basically the best thing ever.

As for gifts that can’t be bought in a store, I got a great one of those too: A piece of art from Smithy based on the first issue of Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N.:



What is the true meaning of Christmas, if not Lars the Henchman stealing a super-spy’s lacy underthings?

As for the presents I gave, well, Kevin and Dave Lartigue have put theirs up for all to see, but I was also part of doing something nice for Love and Capes creator Thom Zahler that was whole lot of fun to do.

I got a few other things (and I think there are still a few on the way), but at this point I’m just going on and on about presents I got, so I’ll just give one more thank you to everyone for giving me such a fun Christmas, and here’s hoping everyone out there got something nice too.

11 thoughts on “Christmas Presents!

  1. Batman looks peeved that he’s being followed by a “Batman” logo.

    (He’s young. Denny Colt got used to it, and ended up ignoring them.)

  2. You gave your daughter a book where Batman and Chris Sims are best friends? Wow, that kid is going to grow up thinking Chris is incredibly cool.

  3. I can say without shame that I want that Batman book for myself! That is an awesome gift, Mr. Sims.

  4. My grandparents gave me one of those kind of books when I was a kid, I didn’t become best friends with Batman, but I did run a detective agency in it. I discovered the monster was actually a cat covered in garbage.

  5. I’ve been BFF’s with Batman for years now.

    Welcome to the fun!