XBox Heroes: The Best and Worst Video Game Comics

Today at ComicsAlliance, you’re getting all the Dan you can handle!!!



Well, really it’s just the one picture. But with Dan, that is all you need!

Dan and all of your other video game friends can be found in today’s article, where I celebrate last week’s release of the Mass Effect comic by ranking a handful of the best and worst video game comics!

The list has Mario, Sonic and a few of your favorites, but along with more recent stuff like Devil May Cry and StarCraft that I just haven’t read, there were a few that I opted not to include. First up, the infamous DOOM comic, because what can I say about that that hasn’t been said by the comic itself, which includes the line “YOU ARE HUGE! THAT MEANS YOU HAVE HUGE GUTS!” And secondly, Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy. because I’m honestly not sure if I could take one more discussion of The Game Which Shall Not Be Named.

Enjoy it, folks!

19 thoughts on “XBox Heroes: The Best and Worst Video Game Comics

  1. I always knew I liked you Sims. But now the proof is here. You realize the inherent awesomeness of Dan.

  2. Oh, God. That alt text sent me back to the days of hating myself and reading the King of Fighters comics.

    Those are just pure terrible. And I hated myself for reading them despite that.

  3. “…and about as close to Osamu Tezuka’s work as a kid could pick up at WaldenBooks.”

    Chris, not to sound pedantic, it’s worth noting that the comic was done by manga legend Shotaro Ishinimori. Who was responsible for “Cyborg 009”, “Masked/Kamen Rider”, and “Power Rangers” among other things. I think he’s in the Guiness Book of World Records for Most Published Comics by One Author.

    Nice to know a Zelda comic contributed to that. ^_^

  4. I bought a King of Fighters 03 trade in a sale recently. Noooooooooo.

    That Sakura miniseries was EXCELLENT, though. I wish Dan Hibiki was my pal, in the worst fanfic way possible.

    (It is such a shame his SF4 alternate costume didn’t make more SNK jokes, though)

  5. Big kudos for mentioning the UK Sonic comic. It was a comic that took a while to hit its stride (the first issues have some pretty bad writing and even worse artwork)… The number of pages they had to work with didn’t make things any easier. It’s hard to do a satisfying story in just five or seven pages, especially with all the continuity they were accumulating as the story went on.

    It did indeed veer into some very interesting, albeit bafflingly odd territory for a comic about Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Fun fact: The warp rings that Sonic uses to go to the Special Stage are actually interdimensional portals built by a race of cyborg fish-people, who also created the Chaos Emeralds and the “Chaos Energy” inside them, which (in large doses) causes Sonic to turn into a murdering maniac who can shoot eye-lasers.

    Glad they cleared that up for us.

  6. Considering the context, I thought you were comparing the UK Sonic comic to Nintendo’s puffball Kirby… well, for all of a half-second, anyway. Actually, I can’t wait to play “Kirby and the Secret of Anti-Life” on my DS.

  7. I have very fond memories of Sonic the Comic as a kid. That and a few of my cousins old copies of 2000ad formed my introduction to the world of comics.

    Streets of Rage was a good strip but they also had Shinobi, Golden Axe, Eternal Warriors, even a Decap Attack strip *sigh* memories…

  8. “I have never heard of you talk about Dan Hibiki that way – why is he the greatest?”

    Because he’s so badass, he rocks a pink gi and has a TAUNT SUPER. And in one game, one of his special attacks is signing an autograph, and tossing it at the other player. Of all the humans, he’s the one I hate the least.

  9. You inspired me to post about the Doom comic on Dollar Bin Blues tonight. Well, you and the fact that there’s a game on.