Wrestler Wisdom Fridays #3



Each week, the ISB endeavors to enlighten our readers by offering the unedited words of the Warrior Scholars of the squared circle, for who among us cannot benefit from the wisdom of Macho Madness, Hulkamania, or the American Dream? The instruction we offer should be considered carefully, meditated on, and applied to one’s own life for the enrichment of the self and others.

20 thoughts on “Wrestler Wisdom Fridays #3

  1. Let this be a lesson to you kids– being hit w/ folding chairs causes concussions. And concussions have repercussions.

  2. “If you can figure this one out at home, you’re a better man than I am”
    I can’t and I am not.

  3. With the removal of punctuation the Freudian subtext becomes clear – the entire tirade is aimed at his father.

    Let this be a lesson – if you don’t bring your kids up right, the girls become strippers and the boys become pro wrestlers.

  4. Just remember that his kid would end up coating himself in gold paint, bragging about how famous he is, all while hitting on guy wrestlers while occasionally inhaling himself.

    I’m trying to remember his name. :)

  5. The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes! He has wined and dined with kings and queens and slept in alleys and dined on pork and beans!

    And ShadowWing Tronix is referring to Goldust.

  6. For the record, I did know his name. He always ended his rants with something along the lines of “you’ll never forget the name of…Goldust” (followed by that WTH you see in that Top Gun clip with Val Kilmer or whoever towards Tom Cruise). I realized after posting that nobody would get the joke.

  7. If only every Friday was Dusty Wisdom Friday. I’d take his sage words straight ta tha pay windah.

  8. I am seriously waiting for Wrestling Wisdom as opined by the Honkytonk Man, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and George “the Animal” Steele. Maybe a duet from Nikolai Volkov and the Iron Sheik would round things out nicely…

  9. The scary thing is that compared to the Warrior, Dusty comes off like Patrick Stewart.

    One of Flair’s ‘insult every babyface in the promotion, as well as any pro athlete that comes to mind while promising to bed every woman in a ten-mile radius’ promos has to be on the to-do list. I figure cramming an entire Jim Cornette promo into the space might be overly ambitious, however.

  10. The opening moments of that were terrifically meta as I thought Chris had given up on trying to fit that much lunacy in the pic, and was letting us know in format.

    Then, I realized The Dream was speaking directly to me…

  11. Dusty Rhodes- you can’t beat his prices, but you can beat his meat.

    I’m ashamed to admit how long I watched Dusty Rhodes before I realized his name was a pun.

  12. ‘I’m ashamed to admit how long I watched Dusty Rhodes before I realized his name was a pun.’

    Not to mention how his real name inspired the greatest inside joke in wrestling history.