The Chronicles of Solomon Stone #2



Strap yourselves in, Action Agents: the second soul-sizzling issue of Solomon Stone starts tonight with the first eight-page chapter, featuring not one, but two of the Sensational Character Finds of 2010!

And that’s not the only debut from the Action Age this week: Tomorrow, me, Chad and Matt Digges (who drew the Solomon Stone Christmas Special) will be unveiling something new in a style that we’ve never done before! So read, enjoy, let me know what you think, and then check back in tomorrow for our next big announcement!

Who says this isn’t the Action Age of Comics?

25 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Solomon Stone #2

  1. Sims, you had me from page one. This is the greatest Solomon Stone adventure yet. “Our friendship was like a Joss Whedon show..” I was straight up lol’ing.

  2. Ah, what a wonderful day. My money is on the butler having done it; although I can’t quite rule out Killtron.

  3. This is the gift that just keeps on giving, isn’t it? Now I’m trying to guess what the number under the issue number will be on issue #3 when the world is finally ready for a third dose of awesome…

  4. You have exceeded my expectations again, sir. And reminded me that people don’t say “rad” enough anymore.

  5. Solomon’s list of suspects on the first two pages already had me laughing, and THEN you introduce his werewolf rival. The world doesn’t deserve you, Chris.

    …wait a minute. I recognize that blazer-vest-cravat combo! Did you just create a werewolf version of Miles Edgeworth?

  6. I love the look on DeWolf’s face in the “Raddest Way to Travel” Panel.

    Also, everything else about that comic.

  7. Love it. Love everything about it. I already like Dorian a hell of a lot and that flashback page is just beautiful. The way it’s laid out between Solomon’s silhouetted face… just gorgeous.

  8. I do love the fact that Killtron is wearing a boiled shirt and bow tie. He may be a murderous robot, but he knows how to dress properly for dinner.