Solomon Stone #2.2!



Tonight, Solomon Stone #2 drift-races into its second senses-shattering chapter as Solomon, Dorian DeWolfe, Minxy and Ming Xi take their differences to the field of honor for a duel to the death that should explain pretty neatly why Smithy hates me so, so much. The things I make that poor guy draw.

So check it out, and if you like it, leave a comment! Or, if you’re feeling exceptionally wordy, write me a letter. If I get a few, I might just bring back Written In Stone, the Solomon Stone letter column, for next week’s shocking conclusion to “Murder at Morteface Manor!”

11 thoughts on “Solomon Stone #2.2!

  1. Well, chapter two starts with a splash page so awesome the combination of gasping in awe and laughing means I very nearly couldn’t breathe. Further comments if I survive the remaining seven pages.

  2. Gripping stuff. But “You fight like a dairy farmer” makes me think of the Mennonite.

  3. I’m pretty sure quoting Monkey Island makes this automatically the best comic book of the year, even before you get to the volcano drift-race swordfight with a werewolf.

  4. I’m not sure how you would do a half vampire/werewolf sword fight without quoting monkey island

  5. I think that that travelled at such a rate of awesome that it distorted the space time continuum and Monkey Island has actually been quoting this all this time.

  6. its good to see someone took that awful swordfight scene from Indiana Jones 4 and found a way to not only make it not suck, but be outright AWESOME.

  7. Phil Looney says:
    March 4, 2010 at 5:32 pm
    I just got Minxy/Ming Xi

    Right there with ya, Phil. *facepalm*

    Yet again Mr Sims has excelled himself. Also, I can’t wait to go out, get blind drunk and shout “You fight like a dairy farmer” at the people of my fair city. I only hope the jail cells in Cardiff are cosy & have wifi.

  8. My uncle is a dairy farmer. Until he done his back, and probably even still, he’d completely kick my arse. Then again, I’m a children’s musician, and we’re not exactly known for our kung fu. True story: my dad was milking a cow when he was young, and it went all stroppy, so he punched it… and broke his hand. So, a fail, but a manly one.

  9. “This Monkey-Fighting volcano is about to blow!”
    Truly the greatest writing known to man.