[Due to my busy freelance schedule, I didn’t get to do a fake redesign for this year’s April Fool’s ISB, but I think I made up for it at ComicsAlliance with four BREAKING NEWS!! posts. The biggest one, of course, started out as this week’s installment of Great Comics That Never Happened, which Rusty laid the groundwork for by saying he couldn’t make the deadline on Twitter. It’s called living the gimmick, son!]



Normally I promote my ComicsAlliance articles as they go up, but apparently today was the day that every major publisher decided to kick off the new month by making huge announcements, and I’ve been swamped. So much has been going down–like the announcement of Mark Millar’s adaptation of Finnegans Wake–that the rest of the staff’s been shorthanded covering the big news, and I was pulled from my usual position as a feature writer and given the job of an actual comics journalist today.

Here are the big stories I broke:

ITEM! Dynamite announces 14 new Green Hornet titles will be joining the five they’ve already solicited!

ITEM!: Bluewater to publish FAME: TOMMY WISEAU, a biography of the groundbreaking director that brought you The Room.

ITEM!: DC announces the upcoming follow-up to Brightest Day–an article made even more exciting when a source who wished to remain anonymous to protect his career (Dean Trippe) leaked the next follow-up too!

And finally, the biggest news…



ITEM!: Top Shelf has announced the next exciting installment of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Saga: America: 1988!

It was a tough one, and journalistic reporting is something that’s way out of my element, but I’ve got to say, it’s exactly this sort of crunch time that makes me proud to be part of an organization with integrity and a commitment to honesty like CA.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m taking the rest of the evening off.

36 thoughts on “AFD 2010: BREAKING NEWS!!

  1. You’re really taking the rest of the evening off?

    OK, who had April 1, 2010 in the Week in Ink really ends pool?

  2. Ashamed? I so wish people wouldn’t be sued out of existence by this, because I can totally see it as Mr. Sims’s first Pulitzer Prize.

  3. The idea of a world where there never existed a superteam of vampire killers featuring Rocky Balboa, Shaft, Bandit, and the Six Million Dollar Man fills me with horror rather than the happy joy normally associated with April 1st.
    Even Chris wouldn’t fill us with such hope only to cruelly steal it away. He’s not the devil.

  4. Curse you, Sims!!!!!!! Curse your beautiful mind for making me believe! IT WAS REAL TO ME! It was real to me…..

  5. Took me awhile to identify Lisa…What the fuck WAS she anyway? A genie? A demon?

  6. I can’t imagine Alan Moore himself not appreciating this.

    (The man as far as I know was still connected with American culture in the ’80s)

  7. If that LOEG book was real, I would buy the shit out of it.

    Since it’s fake, I will instead have to stick to demanding prints that I can buy the shit out of instead, because seriously, that cover is fucking awesome.

  8. Damn you for making me dream of LOEG 88 Mister Sims!!!!

    Seriously, I would so buy that comic. I would buy it so hard my hold box would EXPLODE.

  9. I’m not sure if would be the first April Fool’s joke to become a real thing because of its awesomeness, but that certainly should happen either way.

  10. Chris Sims does not joke around. He also does not shiv.

  11. Terrible likeness of MacGuyver, but, let’s face it, that’s a small quibble in the face what is the best comics idea of the second decade of the 21st century.

  12. My mon Sims don’t shiv.

    You know what, why don’t we have more Back to the Future comics starring an insanely brilliant Doc Brown just fucking with history all over the place?

  13. What is this “April Fools” that people are speaking of?

    Also, can someone teach me the Hu-mon emotion called “love”?

  14. Heh, I thought the April Fool’s joke on Comics Alliance was the Orson Scott Card/Dragon’s Age article, where Laura lambasted and boycotted Card as a homophobe, and then the commentors solicited violence against him for his beliefs. Ironic humor is the best humor… after 80’s humor.

    Good show, Chris.

  15. *Sigh* A panel of Mr. T beating the snot out of a young, vampiric Kiefer Sutherland would have been the high point of 2010.

    “I got a very positive attitude about this.”

  16. All we all need to do is live another 60 or so years for these characters to pass into public domain and then we can get our LOEG: A 1988 on.

  17. Add me to the list of people who would buy that LOEG book. That would be made of all kinds of extra-awesome.

  18. Brad C: Last year, Think Geek had for April’s Fools a Tauntun Sleeping Bag (from Empire Strikes Back) , with the inside looking like the intestines and everything….it was such a popular idea, it got made for real.

    I too curse Chris for showing us the promised land of LXG88 and then slamming the door on that reality!

  19. yeah David I think its safe to say in addition to this one, alot of the Great Comics That Never Happened will be getting prints soon.

    God bless you, Rusty and Chris.

  20. I’m certain that a few years back, some comics blogger shared the idea of an ’80s LoEG with Baracas, MacGyver, Jessica Fletcher, and Michael Knight, as they teamed up to fight an evil ‘older’ version of Vicki the robot from “Small Wonder.” There was even a picture of this team-up.

    And frankly, I could swear that I saw this on the ISB, but for the life of me, I can’t find it anywhere now.