Ask Chris #3: Romance and Wrestling



You know, I figured I’d be able to handle just about any question ComicsAlliance readers cared to ask for my column, but I never figured that anyone would ever want me to give them advice on how to start up a romantic relationship. I mean really, if I knew that, I probably wouldn’t spend all my free time writing about Batman’s abs.

Okay, well, yeah, I guess I probably would. But I do my best to answer anyway, and then move on from romance to something I am an expert on: Analogies to Green Lantern comics built around professional wrestling. So give it a read, and remember: If you’ve got a question you’d like to see answered on ComicsAlliance, put it on twitter with the tag #askchris or send an email to comicsalliance(at) with [Ask Chris] in the subject line!

9 thoughts on “Ask Chris #3: Romance and Wrestling

  1. Except that article is crap, the choices are mostly awful, and it uses a multiple homicide as a source of cheap humor.

  2. It just occurred to me. With his straightforward, pointedly sarcastic way of speaking, his love of Batman, and his ability to pass himself off as an intellectual by rambling on and on and on about trivial nonsense, Chris Sims is not only my type, I may have married him last year.

  3. If he recommends “Cerebus,” run like Hell.

    Seriously. This is a situation where the Victorian phrase “a fate worse than death” applies.

  4. PS I completely agree with you re: the 2 respective “universes”; it surprises me to find myself of the same opinion, as I pretty much ignored Marvel during the 90s.

    And you presented the math (deep bench of writing talent) succinctly and incisively. I paste two gold stars on your article.