17 thoughts on “Why I Should Be Writing Comics, Volume 1

  1. As long as they were fundamentally altering the history of the multiverse, couldn’t “Crisis On Infinite Earths” have made it so that the 70s never happened?

  2. the smaller picture of Hawk looks like a new age Tony Stark on the pull….

    great work as always, Mr Sims


  3. I daresay the Avenging Disco Cowboy might be a match for the incredible Gold Inferno, whom I had secretly hoped would have shown he could dance last night.

  4. It was already awesome. And then the shining light made it more awesome.

    I am pretty sure that this is the direction Scalped is heading in.

  5. Peppy, the 70s are mostly Bronze Age. But actually I was talking about the whole decade. Or maybe they could just erase the fashions.

    Do the 80s, too, while you’re at it.

  6. The generally accepted time frame is that the Golden Age starts in 1938 with the appearance of Superman, becomes the Silver Age in 1956 with the appearance of the new Flash, and the Bronze Age starts in the early 70s. Some say the death of Gwen Stacey in 1972 is the turning point, others, the first appearance of the modern X-Men in 1973. No one’s quite locked down the Iron Age yet, but I tend to categorize it as starting with Crisis, Watchmen, or Dark Knight Returns, which were almost the same time anyway.

  7. Oh, Photoshop – is there nothing that cannot be improved by lens flare? You are truly the claptrack/cowbell combo of visual effects.