Riverotica: The Many, Many Fetishes of Archie Comics



Tonight at ComicsAlliance–After Dark–I’ve delved into the depths of depravity for a look at the lewd, lascivious, lecherous Sexual Fetishes Running Rampant Through Riverdale!

Like most of the things I write about Archie, this one took way longer than it looks like it did and in all likelihood is hilarious only to me. But it was fun to put together, as it meant that I’ve been spending my free moments over the past few months reading through the complete DVD archives of Archie, Jughead and Betty and Veronica, which are worth it even for more casual (read: less obsessed) fans of the universe.

As for my favorite fetish item? Definitely Betty’s leather glove with Archie’s face painted on it. I mean come on.

6 thoughts on “Riverotica: The Many, Many Fetishes of Archie Comics

  1. Come on, it would take more than one article to catalogue the many, many depravities and sexual pathologies running rampant through Riverdale. You could write a textbook on Principal Weatherbee alone!

  2. I just can’t get over Archie’s nonchalance as Jughead fondles Betty… I mean he’s RIGHT THERE! Is he waiting for Archie to slip into his other hand or something?

  3. I didn’t know what that last one was. Now I know — and knowing is half the battle!

    The other half, of course, is trying to drive what I now know from my brain.

    Heigh, ho, Jagermeister, away!