32 thoughts on “The Most Awesome Thing You’ll See Today

  1. Devil Dinosaur is THE best comic about a dinosaur kicking things to death EVER. Kirby’s sci-fi take on the Adam and Eve story is awesome.

  2. But – but – isn’t this the plotline for Jurassic Park IV???

  3. I got the Devil Dinosaur Omnibus for Christmas, and I have to say it’s my all-time favorite comic book.

  4. The stories were terrible but I *love* the Kirby dino art that Devil Dinosaur contains. Those double page spreads of vicious lizards are just incredible.

  5. Oh, come now, Mr. Kirby – “Believability”?


    Everyone knows a giant red dinosaur stomping something goes “SHLUD SHLUD SHLUD”.

  6. “Bonk Bonk Bonk” is even better than Devil wearing a smoking jacket. (In which he is damn natty.)

  7. Mal, devil Dinosaur is better than any Jurassic Park installment.

    It doesn’t have Richard Attenborough, for starters.

  8. God I love this book. Say what you will about Kirby’s 70s work at Marvel (it was pretty uneven in my opinion) any shortcomings this book had were overcome by the sheer WOW of the artwork and scenes like this. BONK BONK BONK!

  9. I love the juxtaposition of Kirby-drawn violence with Hanna-Barbera cartoon SFX.

  10. The best part about the BONK panel is how Kirby runs out of room for that third BONK and just crams it in there anyway.

    You should scan the scene where Devil punts a rock at someone’s head.

  11. I have a seven year old nephew, whom I have been giving the occasional comic to stoke his interest. Like all boys, he loves dinosaurs.

    He must have this book.




  12. This is a great collection of a great comic. I still remember finding Devil Dinosaur #2 in an old antique shop in Lancaster, PA as a kid. Those were the days!


    Five words: Devil. Dinosaur. Charles. Barkley. Soccer.

    You may now start making room for the giant mountains of cash. You’re welcome.

  14. Gloria, can’t you just see Richard Attenborough filthy, loincloth clad, capering around screaming “HE’LL COME BACK TO SEND YOU FLEEING TO YOUR DARK HOLES IN THE SKY!” at the top of his lungs? Now there’s your cover of ‘Empire’ magazine right there.
    And “Dinosaurmaggedon” is now at the top of the band names list.

    Cheers! Mal

  15. The Mutt:

    Totally – Anyone who believes that Kirby couldn’t compose a sentence as awesome as Galactus’ hat should meet that full furry of Devil Dinosaurs Living Tonnage.

  16. I’m going to run around the office yelling “Bonk! Bonk! Bonk!” at the top of my lungs until I get a raise!