Chris and David vs. Super Street Fighter IV



Super Street Fighter IV was released this week, and while I’m not actually any good at most fighting games that don’t feature Pikachu as a main character, that fact hasn’t diminished my love of the franchise. That’s why today, I Shoryuken’d my increasingly frequent collaborator David Uzumeri into taking a good look at the new and old Street Fighter IV characters!

As is always the case with David, this was a fun one to write, especially as it wanders off the rails about three or four times, getting into the many pretty offensive caricatures that populate fighting games, the truly awesome NES title Pro Wrestling and, as is inevitable when SF is brought up, the astonishingly bad Street Fighter movie that saw Raul Julia fighting Jean-Claude Van Damme.

So enjoy it, and remember: Dan Hibiki is the strongest.

5 thoughts on “Chris and David vs. Super Street Fighter IV

  1. Actually, you’ve got the Balrog/M. Bison thing slightly off. In the original Japanese the Spaniard with the mask was Balrog, the boxer was M. Bison, and the boss was Vega. It was a three way switch for the localization that gave us the Vega, Balrog, and M. Bison we know in the English speaking world.

  2. Blanka is a pretty good guess for the basis of the Amazon, but I’m going to have to say, since it was japanese to start with, the Amazon is based off Kamen Rider Amazon. It was a beautifully made kid’s show featuring gory decapitations in the 70’s

    However, Dan is the strongest..

  3. Thinking about Dan Hibiki always makes me smile. I can spend a good ten minutes that way.