The Batman XXX Trailer



I’ve known that there was a porn parody of Batman ’66 in the works for a while now (a fact that no one reading this will be surprised at all to find out), but yesterday, the trailer finally hit, and I’ve stepped up to give my expert opinion as a professional Batmanologist.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, watch it–aside from being a trailer for a porn movie, it’s actually safe for work–and believe me when I say that I am seriously hoping to score a review copy, as I’m pretty sure reviewing it would be the highlight of my writing career.

15 thoughts on “The Batman XXX Trailer

  1. We have a saying in Ireland, Chris: “there’s no such thing as an ironic wank.”

    Doesn’t stop us, all the same.

  2. Naturally the follow up will be a Dark Knight riff, i can’t wait for someone to talk dirt in Christian Bale’s Batman Voice

  3. Could you imagine if they’d gone the Burton route? All dark and gothic with a Danny Elfman score?

    That’d be worth watching.

  4. I appreciate attention to detail wheresoever I may find it.

    Godspeed, Axel Braun.

  5. As an amateur Batmanologist looking to go pro, I just spent the better part of an hour defending Grant Morrison’s Batman stuff. I think you’d have been proud, Sims.

    “Batman is just a man, true. But he is a man that commonly hangs out with aliens and Gods. He has been to the future, he has been to the past. His best friend can fly and melt steel by looking at it. Batman fought martians and flew his privately owned space shuttle to fight a sentient satellite.

    (and this is just within the past ten years)

    Now tell me the character is “realistic” and a time travel story doesnt fit.”

  6. I’m more than slightly stunned that the 60s TV show still has enough recognition for this kind of parody to exist. Like when Eminem included references in a 2002 video.

    The show was off the air for – what? – ten years before Eminem was born? And the series still is not out on DVD.

    It’s all very strange …

  7. Wow? How is this possible? I remember buddies telling me about a Batman-themed porno in the mid-90s (featuring, no kidding, the Pornguin… best. name. ever.) but DC had it lawsuited off the shelves like clockwork…

  8. I’m not proud of what I’m about to say…

    It was the early 90s, not mid. It was called “Splatman,” and I’ve seen it. My brother worked at a local video store and thoguht this would be a chuckle to bring home.

    It featured the Pornguin and Scatwoman. The Pornguin got hit with a “Splatarang” at some point, and it’s every bit as awful as it sounds.

    That is all I recall, and I am deeply ashamed to remeber that much.