War Rocket Ajax #29: Podcastakata with Matt Singer



On this week’s episode of the World’s Most Destructive Podcast, Euge and I display the skill of gymnastics and the kill of karate by inviting IFC’s own Matt Singer to sit down with us and discuss two of my all-time favorite subjects: Spidey Super Stories and Gymkata.

It’s one of the most fun interviews we’ve done, so needless to say, we’re back to dropping a two-hour podcast on all y’all jive turkeys. So join in, and hear us gush about Batman and Robin, delve into the Lloyd Kaufman ouvre, and spend way, way too much time talking about Kurt Thomas’s bathing suit area.

As always, a special thanks to the inordinately talented Max Huffman for this week’s poster. You can download this week’s show or stream it at WarRocketAjax.com, or catch the iTunes feed when it updates later on tonight! And if you enjoy the show, why not leave us an iTunes review? It’s what heroes do, you guys. Heroes.

2 thoughts on “War Rocket Ajax #29: Podcastakata with Matt Singer

  1. I tried to leave a review, godammit, I tried, but bloody iTunes keeps being a dick.

    On an unrelated note, what with all the lucha action youv’e had this week, I’ve come across this film recently called WRESTLEMANIAC, and I wondered if you’d heard of it. It would it would be straight up your proverbial street, as as well as having the the most amazing title, it’s basically a cheap slasher flick where the cast and crew of an amateur porn film get stalker by a killer Mexican wrestler. And the killer is played Rey Mysterio Senior.

    I haven’t got hold of it, but my friend saw it a few days ago and told me it was awesome.