13 thoughts on “Metal Is Dead

  1. You’re a picture – just an image caught in time
    We’re a lie – you and I
    We’re words without a rhyme
    You were a Rainbow in the Dark.

  2. P.S. – Any week where RJD and Frank Frazetta both die is just a shitty week for metal.

  3. We’re a ship without a storm
    The cold without the warm
    Light inside the darkness that it needs, yeah

    We’re a laugh without a tear
    The hope without the fear
    We are coming…HOME

  4. I’m the day, I’m the day
    I can show you the way
    And look I’m right beside you
    I’m the night, I’m the night
    I’m the dark and the light
    With eyes that see inside you


  5. Between the velvet lies
    There’s a truth that’s hard as steel
    The vision never dies
    Life’s a never ending wheel

    Ciao, Ronnie, you crazy dwarf-lord of metal!

  6. I see a rainbow rising
    Look there on the horizon
    And I’m coming home
    Coming home, I’m coming home
    Time is standing still
    He gave me back my will
    Oh, oh, oh, oh
    Going home
    I’m going home
    My eyes are bleeding
    And my heart is weeping

  7. Sorry mate, but this just means that Lemmy has no helpers. He IS metal, now…

  8. Dio dies while Nickleback still walk the earth.
    There is no justice.

    Somewhere, a Rainbow in the Dark, just got a little darker.