21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, America!

  1. I understand the “America is awesome” part. I understand the “Red Skull sucks” part. But what red blooded American hasn’t, once in a while, planned to rule the earth with an army of mutant sewer alligators?

    I mean, that’s the American dream.

  2. Yeah! We can be anything we want to!

    You’re only saying that because you swiped the Cosmic Cube from the Skull, after Cap wiped the floor with him.

  3. Captain America: Also, kicking the shit out of Nazis. Did I mention that? Hold on to your dreams kids and never let go!

  4. While I appreciate the message, Cap is smacking those kids with a heavy dose of reality…”wade through the disappointment, despair, and the crunch of events with the CHANCE of making life meaningful.”

    That’s right kiddies, you only have a chance. Disappointment and despair can easily win out.

    In fact, given when this was written, I would dare say Kirby’s voice is really coming through.

  5. I finally understand where the visual inspiration for ‘Cheeks, the Toy Wonder’ came from.

  6. The Shield, you are right I think. It is Kirbys own voice. That is why there isn’t any of that embarassing “greatEST country in the world” nonsense we hear too much nowadays.
    What he claimed for you is much more honour, because by merely saying “It is the way of a GREAT country” he allowed that you could have equals and friends and allies in other great countries.
    Which is what any true friend of America wants to be the case.

  7. Leave it to Steve to show us what being an American means…

    Take this panel and shove it, miss Sally Floyd!!

  8. The right is for Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of Happiness

    Don’t believe anyone who says he can deliver on happiness to all – he is a snake oil salesman from Chicago!

  9. R.I.P., Cap.

    Steve Rogers still serves as an exemplar of what we all could be… what this whole nation could be if we only tried as hard, or cared as much.
    We ARE a great nation. Imagine what we could accomplish if we all thought like Captain America.

  10. As Tigger says, Shield, that’s Kirby. He’s got the ability to be stunningly optimistic without putting on blinders. It really comes through in his original stuff from the period like 2001 and The Eternals — he’s into middle age at that point and like lots of folks at that stage of life, he really doesn’t understand the kids these days. But what’s striking is that instead of complaining about it, you can actually see in his work that he’s making an effort to try and **figure them out** because he was concerned about the brotherhood of man in ways that most of us only say we are.