The Top 5 Episodes of Batman Beyond



I can make animated .gifs now. Ho ho ho.

Anyway, if there’s one thing I know about the Internet, it’s that it loves Top X lists, which is why today, I’m celebrating Batman Beyond by recapping the top five episodes!

I love the show, but man, watching it all back-to-back-to-back-to-back this past week, I was reminded that it is a pretty dang dark show. But also pretty great.

10 thoughts on “The Top 5 Episodes of Batman Beyond

  1. I’d argue that Epilogue is the best episode of any of the Batman: Animated series, period.

    Terry and Bruce, Terry and Dana, Terry and the Wall, the identity of the almost-assassin of Terry’s parents, the flashbacks to Bruce and Ace, and finally that last shot of Batman flying through Gotham with the theme music swelling…

    God’s teeth.

  2. “Epiloge” is a good story and all. (Like some said, there’s no such thing as a bad episode.) On the other hand, I liked it much better when Terry was someone who just happened to be drawn into Batman’s world by fate, rather than shoved through the door by Waller (who in actuality learned nothing).

  3. Strongly agree on “Out of the Past” as the #1. If you’re only going to do one story about an aging Bruce Wayne, the idea of his temptation to use the Lazarus Pits has got to be it (the musical is icing on the cake).

    My favorites, though- as in the original B:tAS- were the more horror-themed, almost “Batman vs. the Twilight Zone” episodes, like “Meltdown”, “Disappearing Inque”, “Earthmover”, or “Big Time”.

    And that’s not even counting some of the best villain lines ever, as from “Golem”:
    Batman: “How are you doing this?”
    Willie Watt: “With supreme satisfaction!”

    or “Ascension”:
    Blight: “Who ARE you?”
    Batman: “You really wanna know?”
    Blight: “Yes.”
    Batman: “You killed my father.”
    Blight: “D’you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down?”

  4. I really enjoyed Batman Beyond, but I agree with ShadowWing that it feels a bit wrong to have Terry be Bruce’s DNA son and all. It’s an unnecessary connection that to me, cheapens his tale a bit. Still neat though.

    I really enjoyed Batman Beyond. The only thing I wish is that they’d done more of an ‘ongoing story.’ Granted, they didn’t with Batman TAS but season 3 of Batman Beyond felt like it needed something more than just ‘villain of the week.’ Especially as the series ends on a couple week episodes. Oh well. They didn’t get into the serial stuff til JLU anyways.

  5. I gotta say i feel the lack of some of the batman beyond episodes that got under my skin as a kid was sad to see. I find the ones that stick with you must have been some of the best crafted stories. When it comes to creepy and novel three episodes jump right to the top of the heap. April moon and its weird commentary about going under the knife and how you lose parts of yourself in the hopes that when you wake up you will be “better” was a trippy thing as a kid. Mind games was great not only for to really neat villains but batman strolling through the fake school and realizing how many kids must have been in that little girls shoes was really trippy for nine year old me. Lastly Sneak Peek’s ending is one of the few endings I like to bring up ever so often when bringing up cartoons as a medium…which says alot about the sort of conversations I have and company I keep.

  6. Those crazy discotechs of the future. They always had that! It’s the only place Terry and…whatever her name was went.