11 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!

  1. For a minute there, I thought you weren’t gonna celebrate Independence Day, and that you shared my passion for making all of America my slaves.

    Disappointing…although that Hogan chap is all right in my book.

  2. I once saw a DVD for sale in Blockbuster that was just a collection of entrance videos for various WWE wrestlers. At the time I thought it was the most pointless thing in the world, but now I wish I’d bought

  3. You spat on the grave of the unknown soldier when you mocked the KFC Double Down, but you’ve unquestionably won America back with this gesture.

    Now can you name the members of the tag team who originally used this theme without resorting to Google?
    (I suspect yes)

  4. I don’t know whether it’s weirder that Grodd is a Hulk Hogan fan or that he called him a chap. I wonder if this means he’ll be in TNA soon. With a British accent.

  5. Oh man, Id pay cash money to see Grodd in the ring… come to think of it, having commentators right there to explain what was going on to viewers/readers would be quite useful during psychic attack sequences.

    “What’s this?”
    “Gorilla Grodd is using his patented mind blast on the Flash”
    “He’s slowing down! He’s slowing down, JR”
    “I don’t know how a man, even an American hero like the Flash, can take much more of this kind of mental punishment…”
    “He can’t! He can’t, JR, Gorilla Grodd is too much for him, he’s too much for any man and I for one welcome the oncoming Gorilla revolution and remind Grodd that as an influential commentator of Monday Night Wrestling I can be useful in rounding up slaves to work in his Banana mines”
    “You don’t mine for Banana’s, Jerry”
    “You do if Grodd wants you to!”
    “That’s just the most…. what’s this; the Flash has KOd Grodd! Grodd is down… now did any of camera’s catch that?”

  6. Well, listen up brother, I appreciate you posting this on America’s birthday, jack.

    Cause all you Hulkamaniacs know that I got your back, jack. I’m looking across the United States right now, and Andre the Giant’s ghost is staring at me from the top of the Empire State building, brother. But don’t you Hulkamaniacs worry, just keep taking your vitamins and saying your prayers, because I’m going to pick up that 900 pound behemoth. I’m going to pick him up in front of the 100 billion Hulkamaniacs and body slam him right down to the center of the Earth, jack.

    And when those tectonic plates start to shift and the oceans start to shuffle, well, brother, all you have to do is grab on to the largest back in the world. And brother, I will dog paddle all the Hulkamaniacs to safety.

  7. I had this song going through my head for a few days last month, so I had to watch the video w/o sound. Hi-larious. IIRC Jimmy Hart played keyboards on this record.