War Rocket Ajax #37: Electric Sliding with David Wolkin



War Rocket Ajax is back with our San Diego Comic-Con wrap-up show, featuring special guest and ComicsAlliance contributor David Wolkin to discuss the Beast that is the San Diego Comic-Con and the beautiful consumer majesty of the SkyMall catalog.

That’s all par for the course on War Rocket Ajax, but this episode answers a burning question that I know so many of you have had: “Chris Sims, is there a way I can put an idealized version of you on a piece of clothing that I can then put on my body?” Well, there is not.

Until now!!



That’s right, folks: It’s the all-new War Rocket Ajax t-shirt featuring a design by our original poster artist, “The” Rusty Shackles! So go pick one up today — Euge ain’t got no job!

4 thoughts on “War Rocket Ajax #37: Electric Sliding with David Wolkin

  1. Do you ever worry that someone is going skip the clothing part and put an idealized version of right onto his/her body?

  2. Actually, the question I’ve had is “Chris Sims, When will I be able to give you and your amazing talented associates my hard-earned cash for the actual comic book versions of Solomon Stone, Woman of Action, and Awesome Hospital, given that I have not been able to attend a con you were at?”

    Seriously. You’ve shown us they exist, we want them, let us know how to give you money! One Sims-written comic in my collection (Resurrection #8) is NOT enough!