11 thoughts on “A Look Back at the Street Sharks

  1. Damn it Chris, I don’t want to get nostaglic about cartoons I wasted my life watching in the mid and late-90s.

    (…I mean, I can still even kind of remember the theme song, and a grown man shouldn’t have to admit that).

  2. Good sir, I can only hope your Shark Week includes Ramrod from Heavy Metal, sworn enemies of Marvel’s BRUTE FORCE! An evil shark in a bionic suit with buzzsaws for legs, he teams with the likes of Uproar the Evil Blue Gorrila and Armory, the Death Octopus on tank treads, to battle the likes of Hip-Hop the Jive-Talking Kangaroo (“This forest is rad, like totally crucial!) and Surfstreak, the Dolphin with a Water-Squirting Uzi as they plot to DESTROY THE EINVIROMENT!


    Oh, and Hookjaw, the shark with his own comic. Or should I say, the BRITISH shark with his own comic! That’s how evil that shark was, he was British.

  3. Samurai Pizza Cats was much less about animals being extreme or having attitudes, and more about…villains who enjoyed cross-dressing and going to sushi bars, among other things. While bringing it to the US must have been someone’s misguided idea of cashing in on the extreme animals trend, I don’t think the show was originally created (or even translated) with those purposes in mind. I was pretty confused the first few times I watched it, expecting a Ninja Turtles rip-off (and even avoided watching it for a long time, thinking it was just a rip-off).

    It was a good show for kids who were allowed to watch Kids in the Hall, I’ll say that. It would get weird.

    Ok! Sorry to be That Guy. That Guy’s everywhere!

  4. Good article, though! I’d (happily) forgotten about Street Sharks. And is that an ehanced Archie comic cover up there? Wow! (Sure, they did a die-cut for The Punisher Meets Archie, but…did working with Marvel make them hungry for more special covers?)

  5. Chris, I hope to God you spent some time looking at the Wikipedia page of their spinoff series, Extreme Dinosaurs. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extreme_Dinosaurs )

    Every once in a while I’ll remember it, and read the list of episode titles on wikipedia – the cumulative effect of that many bad dinosaur puns is pretty amazing.

  6. “They, except possibly Stegz, also seemed to show some prejudice towards raptors.”

    From the wiki. Theorrhea, stuff like this is why I hated and fear 80’s cartoons (I’m a 70’s boy.) Thank you for bringing it back.