56 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday!

  1. Ah, youth!

    I vaguely remember 28…there seemed to be a lot of , “When are you going to get maaaaahhhhriiieeeed????” going around …

    But happy birthday, nonetheless!

  2. Don’t listen to anyone else: it’s not REALLY downhill until you reach 30. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Chris!

    May you get to throw a car battery at someone today and/or dress as Batman while people serve you cake.

  4. Disclaimer: it is not actually my birthday today, but what the hell..


    Y’say it’s yer birthday!
    It’s my birthday too yeah!
    Happy Birthday to you!

  5. Happy Birthday, Chris. I love the blog, and your articles at comics alliance. I have to thank you especially for introducing me to the Super Sons.

  6. Happy Birthday to Chris
    Happy Birthday to Chris
    Happy Birthday dear Chris Sims
    Happy Birthday to Chris

  7. Wait… you’re younger than I am, but I respect your opinion!? My… my world has turned upside down!

  8. I normally don’t comment here but I just wanted to say your work is appreciated and I wish you a happy birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday Mr. Sims! Your love of comics is a gift you share. Hopefully you receive many joyous gifts as well.

  10. Yessss… come, come join usss… soon now… 30 is close… one of us… one of usssss….

  11. I was wondering why your wangst-filled article on the Archie Multiverse hit the mark so close – you’ve had only a few more months of breathing than I.

    Congratulations on your continued respiration!

  12. In honor of your birthday, I will read Batman comics and listen to the Electric Six.

    Which I was probably going to do anyway….

  13. Happy (belated) Birthday, you great big bowl of birthday cake party slice ice cream*, you!

    (in my brain, this is meant as an epic compliment)

  14. I told you this last year, but it bears repeating:

    Your 30th anniversary is only 2 years away! You *need* to start thinking what will you do then!

    Change of costume? Will you get electrical powers? A gritty reboot?

    Time waits for no non-powered man…

  15. The very existence of Tiny Titans is like a present directly from Art Baltazar to the part of the brain that appreciates awesomeness.

    Happy birthday! At what point do we see your updated origin story?

  16. Happy Birthday! I’m sure the comics blogosphere will benefit from you adding another year of wisdom and maturity to your belt.

  17. Happy birthday! Here’s to reading your future post for birthday 56. Long live the ISB!

  18. Happy Birthday, Young Master Sims.Thanks for making me feel like the creepy uncle.

    I really dig your writing. Thanks for all the internet fun.

  19. Get off my lawn!

    Wait a minute:

    Join me on my lawn! We will listen to the hip and the hop.

  20. Happy birthday! I hope someone got you an autographed copy of Twilight to go on your shelf next to your signed Anita Blake book.

  21. Happy Birthday!

    May your next year be filled with Batman kicking many people in the face!

  22. your mask or someone bringing you presents in blue beetle’s mask? happy birthday, you saint, you!

  23. Happy Birthday, Mr. Sims!!

    (that’s right — at 28 it’s Mister from here on out!)

  24. Here’s to many more years of you reading Tarot so we don’t have to! Wow, that was just cruel, wasn’t it?