Ask Chris #21: The Bruce Wayne Girlfriend Trauma Algorithm and Scary Archie Comics



My comics culture Q&A column is back, and this week, I try to figure out how long it takes for Batman’s girlfriends to get kidnapped and/or killed and discuss some truly terrifying Archie books.

Long, long, long-time ISB readers will recognize a couple of the images used in this post, because I actually had to go back and find the ones I’d originally posted for the Archie entry. And to give you an idea of how long ago I posted those, these were pictures I’d taken with my digital camera, because I didn’t have a scanner yet. Fortunately, some PhotoShop Wizardry (well, PhotoShop stagemagicianry, anyway) allowed me to clean it up a little.

I can assure you, however, that that’s definitely a new scan of my copy of Godzilla vs. Barkley.

6 thoughts on “Ask Chris #21: The Bruce Wayne Girlfriend Trauma Algorithm and Scary Archie Comics

  1. I’m so disappointed in you, Chris, for preferring your manga unflipped. Because of how eyes follow the words I find that flipping the manga preserves the original intention and pacing better than leaving the art untouched.

  2. Actually, I believe giving a cow vodka and Kahlua is one of the steps in making cow people.

    And how can this be the first time I’ve ever seen anyone refer to the Joker as a Juggalo? It’s so brilliantly obvious (once someone points it out).

    Seriously, DC needs a comic where someone has the nerve to call the Joker a “third-rate Juggalo” to his face. That would be right before the Joker shoots that someone in their face, of course.

  3. I find it stunning that Godzilla playing basketball features a LAY-UP.

    You’re telling me the King of the Monsters can’t dunk? Godzilla is the Jordan of the kaiju world, not the Karl Malone! Seriously, people!!