Chris vs. Erotic Fan-Art: This Time, It’s Business



Hey, remember how you guys really like it when I subject myself to things that leave an searing mark on my soul from which I will never truly recover? Well then, get ready because today, I’ve delved into the senses-shattering world of erotic fanart and brought back ten of… well, not the worst images, but the strangest ones I could show you without getting fired.

Just be glad I didn’t include the Bane/Nightwing one.

8 thoughts on “Chris vs. Erotic Fan-Art: This Time, It’s Business

  1. I’m impressed by how well drawn a lot of those were, similar to how much I am with the humor you wrung out of classy Sam Rockwell and the need for continuity in fetish porn, which is a whole lot. That said, I’m kind of disappointed no one does “you forgot” around here anymore, because this would be one case where it would be hilarious.

  2. Are you familiar with the work of Julius Zimmerman, Chris? He does quality pencil art, a lot of which involves superheroes doing this kind of thing.

  3. I really want a link to the NSFW version of that Reed/Sue thing, because I — I can’t even PICTURE it in my head.

    The MODOK one is obviously A Joke. No one’s gonna put that Will-Elder-in-MAD-Magazine level of humorous detail to arouse anyone.

    But that World’s Finest pic — ah, THERE’S the horror!

  4. I like how the artist has tried to give Rachel Dawes a composite face/head, there. That’s quite a thing.

    …I once used one of those “predict your baby” things to mash up headshots of Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire. Boy, I tell you what, that Mayday Parker had her some serious toplipiary…