The West Coast Avengers Mixtape!



If you’ve been listening to War Rocket Ajax, then you already know about Euge’s brand-new West Coast Avengers mixtape, where he created a song for each member of the West Coast Avengers and set it to a famous West Coast hip hop beat. Today, the mixtape has dropped exclusively at ComicsAlliance, and it is awesome!

And aside from being a great listen, it also features a good chunk of the ISB/Ajax/Adam Warrock family: Benjamin Birdie‘s on it, Curt and Chris make appearances (and Chris contributes the album art), and even I’m on it in an extremely short and pretty much mandatory “skit” that Euge and I thought was hilarious when we came up with it. So go and listen! It’s good stuff, and it’ll get you in the mood for the release of Euge’s album The War For Infinity, which drops in exactly one month!

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