The Most Dubious Moments in Archie’s Christian Comics



For those of you not in the mood to break out your leather elbow patches and read 3500 words about a single issue of Fantastic Four, today brings you another big article by me at ComicsAlliance: A rundown of the weirdest, strangest, and most morally questionable panels from the Spire comics featuring Archie and the gang!

Like most second-tier Archie artifacts (Archifacts) from the ’70s, I find the Spire books endlessly fascinating, especially with their portrayal of Betty totally going steady with Jesus. That’s gotta make for a pretty awkward night at the movies.

5 thoughts on “The Most Dubious Moments in Archie’s Christian Comics

  1. Nice to see that Scruffy the Janitor has arrived from the Futurama universe to subvert that whole “Good ol’ Days” scenario with his unparalleled collection of girlie mags.

    And no, there just isn’t enough witchcraft being taught in schools these days.

  2. #10 — “The Bible says EVERYONE is tempted!” — to get a job? Yeah, I’m struggling w/ that temptation RIGHT NOW!

  3. I own these comics, and the worst/best one in my opinion has Mr. Weatherbee dressed as a nazi, flying a blimp.

    Chris, have you ever read the mainstream Archie story where he and Betty get stranded and have to share a motel room for the night? Mr. Cooper shows up and assumes that they now have to get married. It is one of my all-time favorite stories. I got it in a box lot of Spire comics. It is easily worth the $5 I paid for the box!

    Also, The Cross and the Switchblade is an amazing piece of comic art. The dialogue is only slightly more unintelligible than early Spider-Slang.