Ten Video Games That Should Be Comics



Guys, I don’t want to alarm anyone with my revolutionary ideas or anything, but I think I may have discovered that the Internet makes a good vehicle for list-based comedy. Thus, today I’ve put together a list of ten video games that I think would make pretty good comics! Seriously, I’m starting to think that this whole “Top Ten” thing might have legs to it.

Also, I refer to Bayonetta as a sexy lady version of Ronnie James Dio. So don’t miss that.

5 thoughts on “Ten Video Games That Should Be Comics

  1. I have no idea why Fiddy succeeded in pretending to be a rapper where Vanilla Ice failed – for a start, he never recorded anything as awesome as Ninja Rap.

  2. I love Typing of the Dead, probably the best typing tutor ever (suck it Mavis Beacon), especially since they went to the trouble of updating the character models so they have keyboards and dreamcasts with giant batteries strapped to the their backs.

    In a month or two they are releasing a game called Rock of the Dead, which is exactly what it sounds like… Typing of the Dead meets Guitar Hero.

  3. Man, that is some horrible side boob. It looks like her chest is swinging as wildly as her hair/whip/knives whatever.

  4. “Sinistar[. . . .] one of the first games to actually ridicule the player”. Sounds like a man who never pumped ten bucks into Berzerk!, matching wits w/ Evil Otto.

    “Ha ha, humanoid! Ha ha, Intruder!”