13 thoughts on “BATMAN

  1. The fact that Batman slipped a $100 to Gordon to set off the Bat-Signal at that specific time is not mentioned in the comic, is it?

  2. Vikki’s not normally that bitchy. The tiny flying saucer affixed to her head probably has something to do with it.

  3. OT, seeing Urasawa’s Pluto in your sidebar, I decided to pick it up from the library.

    Thanks — I’m just starting Chapter (book) 5. One of my favorite reads of the year.

  4. For a guy who’s always prepared for any eventuality, it seems like a lot of Batman’s prep work involves planning to extract himself from relationships with girls he hooked up with in costume.

    I like that he knows he’s going to keep using the costume to bang chicks and plans accordingly.

  5. She’s just cranky because of that corset she’s wearing making her waist as thin as Batman’s wrist.

  6. Dear Sims,
    Recently, in the comment section of this post from Progressive Ruin I asked a question that went unanswered and has been bothering me oever since. Since you’re a Batmanologist, I thought it’s only logical to ask you this: Does Robin shave his legs? They seem awfully smooth for someone in their late teens, y’know.

  7. Mr. Sims is typically more interested in the more awesome aspects of the Batman mythos. Whether or not Robin shaves his legs does not fall in the ambit of awesome. I’m sure he saw your question the first time, but decided to answer it because you were either not being serious or a bit of a pervert.

    Let me put that another way- why the hell would you care so much whether Robin shaves his legs, anyhow? And Mr. Sims could only give you an answer based on conjecture anyhow- so what would be the point?

    Here’s your answer- it should pretty clear to any fool that Robin’s legs haven’t got any hair on them. Therefore, it is most likely that he shaves them. Even if he just wasn’t a hairy guy, you’d expect to see SOME hair. Happy? Now you can go back to your pedophile fantasies about the Boy Wonder and leave Mr. Sims alone.

    -Citizen Scribbler

  8. Robin wouldn’t shave, it’s too high maintenance and leads to stubble. He’d either wax or do that thing with the lasers that I once saw an infomercial for at 4 AM where it’s permanent. It’s just a simple matter of aerodynamics.

    Also, Scribbler, easy bro! We’re all friends here!

  9. Jesus, Scribbler. Fuck off.
    Thank you for your answer, Mr. Sims. I expected nothing less from you.

  10. Anyone can give an awesome answer about batman to an awesome question about batmna, but it takes a true batmanologist to give an awesome answer about a seemingly not-awesome question. That’s why its such an important qualification.