War Rocket Ajax #42: Almond Joy, Featuring Phil Hester



This week, War Rocket Ajax returns to action as Euge and I sit down to talk to one of my favorite creators, writer/artist Phil Hester! I reminisce about meeting him at my first convention, and Phil tells us all about his experiences working on books like Swamp Thing, Green Arrow, The Darkness and his own creator-owned projects, then essentially challenges editors to find a book that he doesn’t want to work on.

Plus, Euge recaps his amazing experiences at SPX with a story that virtually ensures I’m heading up there next year, I completely space out while he reviews a comic I’ve actually read (which I swear to God, I didn’t realize until I listened to my own show), and in a shocking listener mail segment, I actually drink something recommended by one of you!

The show’s up now at the website available to download or stream, and the iTunes feed will update shortly for our subscribers. Let us know what you think, and we will most likely make fun of you on the air!

2 thoughts on “War Rocket Ajax #42: Almond Joy, Featuring Phil Hester

  1. Just because I experimented with this for the first time last week – a white russian made with espresso vodka and mocha kaluha. It is great. Chocolate milk would probably make it greater. Give it a try someday, though.

  2. When you were talking about the punisher and his rivalries with other heroes you mentioned talking about it on another podcast. Was that another episode of WRA or were you a guest on another podcast? Which episode or podcast was that?