Chris vs. Pokemon Is Back In Black… and White



For those of you who have been missing my highly irregular series where I review Pokemon for their aesthetic value, you are in for a treat: The Japanese release of Pokemon Black and White has provided me with 156 new creatures to examine the living hell out of, and guys? they are pretty awesome.

So awesome, in fact, that after a ten year absence, I am hopping on the Pokemon train again. What’s that?

Why yes, I am single.

9 thoughts on “Chris vs. Pokemon Is Back In Black… and White

  1. I am shocked – shocked! – that you didn’t cover the bison with an afro.


    (Or maybe a bull, I’m not so up on these things.)

  2. Oh Chris, you’re so innocent. GIS any pok√®mon name with safe search off will turn up something horrifying within two pages. Or in Gochiruzeru’s case half way down the first page.

  3. Hey Chris – just wanted to bring something to your attention. You see, one of the new Pokemon is an ice cream cone. This is something you at one point, probably were aware of. However, when preparing your list of which of the new Pokemon to discuss, the fact that one of said Pokemon is an ice cream cone, is something that you physically were incapable of remembering.

    While the reasons for this are unknown (mind-control?) it must be said that the brain cells which at one point KNEW that there was an ice cream cone Pokemon – either stopped firing during the however-long (an hour?) it took you to create this list or somehow UN-KNEW that one of the new Pokemon was an Ice Cream Cone. Which, in medical terms (as you know, being a writer of medical-themed waggishness) is referred to as a MISRECOLLECTION, or in this specific case, ICEACREAMA POKOMONO FORGETTO (forgive my latin.)

    This is probably something you should have a doctor (psychologist?) check out.

  4. It would not have even occurred to me to GIS “Gochiruzeru” if you hadn’t told me to. I’m a little worried that my first reaction to the first page of results was “Huh, I’ve seen worse.”

  5. It probably shows some sociopathy on my part that one of the first thoughts to pop into my head after reading about this return to reviewing Pokemon was “Is the Anita Blake comic next?!” *sigh*