Birthday Presents!



Matthew Allen Smith, who you might remember from his pin-up in the Hard Ones ashcan, brings the pain and becomes my #1 Birthday Hero 4-Ever.

Bully writes a poem that includes a reference to Megaforce.

Kevin brings me the gift of emotional content. Also, a Hickory Farms gift basket of meats and cheeses.

Andrew taps into my most secret–or to be honest, not secret at all–desires.

Dave Lartigue flexes his artistic muscles for a picture you have to see to believe!

Mike Sterling, as usual, makes it all about Swamp Thing.

Mark Hale has a blog? Really?

Dorian talks about subtext, but I’m sure I don’t know what he means.

Jeff Stolarcyk made me a card!

Thanks, guys! And thanks to everyone who came by to wish me well today, too!


For the overly curious among you, more shots from this year’s Twenty-Sixthennial can be found here.

19 thoughts on “Birthday Presents!

  1. Happy birthday from some random girl on the internet who isn’t into comics at all but finds your writing hilarious even if she doesn’t always get what the hell you’re talking about!

  2. “Hello International Buddy,

    You’ve reached this page because we are currently not allowed to share our videos across United States borders. It sucks. We know.

    In the meantime, why not play a game on the main site or log on to our message boards to tell us how much you hate us now?


    So… what was it?

    P.S.: Belated happy birthday.

  3. I got the same thing as the Michael Heide-dude. Sure sucks living in the intellectual part of the world.

    Happy birthday, Chris. I realize it’s a bit too late, but what the heck man. Think about my birthday! You’re so shellfish, man!

    My cat says hello too.

  4. Also, a Hickory Farms gift basket of meats and cheeses.

    Yeah, I totally thought that was a joke. Till I saw the photo.

  5. Hey Chris! Happy Birthday from all your international buddies! There’s plenty of us.

  6. Mr. Sims,
    Perhaps you could answer a question i have. I have been using some Batarangs for a while now, throwing them at a dartboard to gain accuracy. Tonight I sliced my hand open when i tried to pull one out that had gone through the board, and sunk into my wall. I’m curious as to what the protocol is.
    Do I :
    A) be ashamed of myself for cutting my hand open,
    or B) proudly display my Batarang related injury?
    both have their pros and cons, but I figured I would get a fellow Batman fanatic’s opinion.

  7. I bought them in a local knife shop at the beach, and I bought them because… well… why WOULDN’T i buy batarangs?
    they were 2 for fifteen bucks. Well balanced, 440 stainless steel, and, as i have since learned… razor edged. A bargain if i ever saw one.