5 thoughts on “BATMAN

  1. It’s part of Oracle’s job to get Batman’s podcast list ready for him. He’s waiting for the day the Riddler hacks Euge’s laptop to edit in a clue.

  2. Haters’ kindergarten. Questions, too. Putting together a two-person, hour-plus podcast that regularly brings on the best of the comic industry?. That’s hard.

    But far from impossible.

  3. Hey Chris, just listened to the newest WRA yesterday- if you and the CA gang ever end up in Toronto for whatever reason (and you might, we have a huge comic expo in August, a bunch of others year round, an annual independent comic art festival and the Joe Shuster awards for Canadian comic creators), look me up. I work part time as a karaoke host, I can show you some of the best joints in town.

    And if you time it right, Sweet Daddy Siki hosts his own weekly karaoke show, so you could find yourself singing a duet with a former NWA Canadian Heavyweight champion. :-D