War Rocket Ajax #43: Mass Effects With Colleen Coover



At this point, we all know that Colleen Coover is a pretty fantastic comic book creator, but what you might not know is that she loves the hell out of some video games. And since Euge and I feel the same way, we asked Colleen back on the show to talk about nothing but games! So, you know, if there’s anyone out there who loves comics but just hates video games, uh, well, you should probably skip this one.

The rest of you, however, can enjoy Colleen raving about her love for Mass Effect, Dragon Age, her resistance to Red Dead Redemption, and my often-quoted love of Rockstar’s Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Just be glad I didn’t get Pokemon until after we finished recording.

It was great fun for us to have Collen back as our second-ever three-time guest, because she’s seriously one of the nicest, most fun people to talk to, and if you guys like it, we might try branching out into more theme shows (or maybe just more shows where we lament the demise of Tony Hawk Pro Skater franchise later. So let us know what you think, or write up an iTunes review! Unless you don’t like it, in which case…. I dunno, complain about it on your blog or something. That’s what I did!

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