Smallvillains 10×2: Shield



The countdown to the end of Smallville continues, and with 20 more episodes left to go in the tenth season, things have already gone things are already completely off the rails. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but… it’s kind of awesome.

Not exactly good, but awesome nonetheless. So join David and I as we bust through 10×2: “Shield,” in which Lois talks to Hawkman, Clark listens to Glorious Godfrey, and Green Arrow is totally Dark Knighting it up.

14 thoughts on “Smallvillains 10×2: Shield

  1. Can’t believe that was Deadshot. Until you wrote the name, I thought they had finally written in everyone’s favourite Superman villain, Terra-Man.

    Also, wasn’t Green Arrow basically Batman when he first appeared in the comics? Didn’t he have an arrow-cave and all that?

  2. I suffered through 3-4 seasons of this show before finally bowing to the reality of Dawson’s Creek, DC-style.

    I have to say, these synopsis are far superior to the punishment of actually viewing the show.

  3. And oh man, I can’t wait to see a Motherbox.

    With the exception of being unable to open a Boom Tube, I’ve decided there’s very little difference between a Mother Box and an iPhone.

  4. “it’s basically the live-action DC Universe Show”.

    Exactly. It’s the closest to a live action TV version of a superhero comic book I’ve seen. Fans of four-colour superheroes should love it.

    Regarding Green Arrow, I think the makers of Smallville weren’t allowed to use Batman in their show and so just substituted in Green Arrow instead. So, yes, you’re right when you say that Green Arrow is basically Batman in Smallville.

    Also, you do know that Green Arrow and Chloe were an item in season 9, right?

  5. “With the exception of being unable to open a Boom Tube, I’ve decided there’s very little difference between a Mother Box and an iPhone.”

    Wait, Mother Boxes can’t open Boom Tubes?

  6. Chris, I don’t mean to some kind of grammar NSDAP member or something, but this always hurts my head:

    “So join David and I…”

    You wouldn’t say “join I as I bust through,” so don’t say “join David and I.” The “and” doesn’t suddenly change the form of the pronoun.

    “Join David and me as we…” is great. So is “David and I busted through…” When in doubt, remove the “David and” and see how it reads.

  7. The only reason I don’t call myself a Grammar Nazi is because I don’t want to get punched out by a Grammar Ape.

    That, and the Grammar Holocaust. Too soon.

  8. Dayv, I don’t mean to some kind of correct-name-spelling nazi, but I think it’s D-a-v-e.

  9. The thing you have to remember about Smallville is, a) they’re not legally allowed to use Batman or the Batman Family in any way, and b) they’re not legally allowed to show Clark Kent wearing the Superman costume or cal him Superman or show him flying. Ever. DC won’t let them. So yes, it’s campy awful, but it’s not completely the showrunners’ fault all the time.

  10. “DC won’t let them. ”

    Well, that and the fact that they said from day one they’d never show the costume until the final episode, and Tom Welling – a senior producer on the show – gets final say on his wardrobe and doesn’t actually WANT to wear it.

    You could argue that this basically makes the show the longest shell game in history.

  11. Smallville WAS NOT supposed to end up DC Universe in Technicolor.
    It was early years Clark Kent, as a person with humans as his family and friend before becoming a superhero. A totally new show needed to be created than trash the show’s initial premise and characters just to lightswitch to fanboy comicbooky trype flash bang boom goodie goodie gee whiz wilagers.

    IT sucks since Lex died holding Clark. Should’ve ended then or after Lex/Zod.