Ancient Chinese Monsters I Just Made Up



Because what’s Spooktoberfest without some monsters? Last week, Laura found a gallery of awesome Chinese monsters that were done for the Wah Tung company’s matchbooks, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information on them. Googling “awesome Chinese monster” is not as productive as you might think.

But since we wanted to highlight them, I decided to just go ahead and make up my own stories for them. Here’s the one for the monster above:

Lo-Top: Lo-Top’s love of vintage kicks has led his wings to atrophy, as he prefers to skank it up to some old-school ska rather than fly. His furious skanking soon wears out even the toughest Chucks, so he is always on the lookout for weary trombone players, whose feet he slices off with his broadsword before resuming his dance.

That’s probably pretty close to the original story, right? Right.

5 thoughts on “Ancient Chinese Monsters I Just Made Up

  1. Sims, I’m not sure if this is stupid or brilliant. All I know is that I laughed…oh how I laughed.

  2. I’m pretty sure I saw Lo-Top at a Toasters concert in college. I had wingtips on, so I was safe.

  3. You know, if you mix the words around in Wah Tung, you get WU TANG.