Great Comics That Never Happened #16: The GCTNH Halloween Special!



For those of you who haven’t heard, our ol’ pal Rusty Shackles has moved on from his contributions to ComicsAlliance, including regular art chores on our series of Great Comics That Never Happened. But that doesn’t mean the feature’s ending — instead, I’ll be joined by new artists for each installment!

This time around, Hector Plasm‘s Nate Bellegarde joins me to bring you the ultimate story of COSMIC DRACULA… and that’s just where it starts!

9 thoughts on “Great Comics That Never Happened #16: The GCTNH Halloween Special!

  1. That hat.

    That hat.

    I would say it’s the best thing I’ve seen since forever, but that cover’s also got a vampire surfing on a coffin, so . . . toss-up.

  2. Oh, nothing. He’s just got other stuff to focus on. He might swing back by for a guest appearance every now and then, and even drew me something special for today’s Ask Chris!

  3. This would be the best Castlevania game EVER. I imagine Reed Richards with his whip-like arms would be part of a lineage of galactic vampire hunters (with the rest of the FF delegated to spells and items; invisibility cloak, fire-based magic attacks, golem-transformation, etc.) and would encounter such boss characters as Six-Armed Spider-Man, CapWolf, Franken-Castle and Bloodstorm.

    I think it would be pretty awesome. Or maybe it’s just me.