7 thoughts on “BATMAN

  1. Chris, is the alt text a tribute to that famous clip of the knife show, where the co-host accidentally broke the tip off and collapsed on camera saying, essentially, the tip broke off, I think I need some help? And during this the other co-host (the one with the tangy accent) completely ignores him?

    Even if it’s not, I need to see the clip again anyway.

  2. http://yro.slashdot.org/story/10/11/07/0429243/Porn-Maker-Sues-7000-For-Copyright-Infringement?from=rss
    I thought you’d be interested in this, because

    “Now technically as the movie can not demonstrate the ability to “promote the useful arts and sciences” under law it is not entitled to copyright protection. So for those who can stand the embarrassment of public admitting sharing that film, there is always a US constitutional challenge, bonus if you win you will strip the movie of it’s copyright protection and challenge the whole MPA*/RIA* industry. What makes it interesting is that it will all be from a definitively conservative basis, it would be interesting to watch Republicans publicly attempt to defend copyright protections for pornography.”

  3. Arguably, when you look at all the stuff Batman’s been stockpiling in his cave, he IS the kind of person who’s addicted to TV shopping channels.

  4. Batman had to BEAT UP A CROOK for weapon, gimmick or doo-hickey he ever got!

    So, Batman had to beat up someone else to get all his bat-themed gadgets, like his Batmobile, his batarangs, etc. ad nauseam?

    Wouldn’t that make him the Tick?