9 Super-Heroes That Should Join the TSA



Now that Conan O’Brien’s back on the air, I’ve been watching late-night talk shows again, which means that I’ve become extremely familiar with the TSA’s new airport search policies, which — if my understanding is correct — involve groping, radiation and audience laughter. Clearly, there’s a marked thematic overlap with super-hero comics blogging.

That’s why today, I’m suggesting 9 super-heroes that would do great work for the TSA, including “Hammerin'” Hank Pym, as seen above. Because clearly, that guy is way into cavity searches.

3 thoughts on “9 Super-Heroes That Should Join the TSA

  1. Wouldn’t you want a TSA groper who doesn’t love his job?

    Could be worse, though. I recall an old Master Of Kung Fu villain — Bladefist? — who replace both hands w/ knives.