14 thoughts on “BATMAN

  1. Waitaminit… those kryptonite gloves are from Frank Miller’s THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES BACK.

    (Speaking of which, whatever happened to that Batman comic Miller promised to do Real Soon Now…?)

  2. One of the most awsome comic panel ever written also known as just another Thursday to Kyle Baker.

  3. Is it still funny and/or cool to see Batman punching Superman? Because I thought we all got over that somewhere around when DARK KNIGHT STRIKES BACK came out. I mean, it was cool in DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, but I feel like ever since then it’s become a really cheap way to have a OMG BATMANS SO BADASS U GUYZ moment in a comic.

  4. Well, that helps explain how all those poor men had their reproductive DNA overwritten with Bruce Wayne’s in Batman Beyond.