5 thoughts on “Great Comics That Never Happened Holiday Special #2

  1. Although I hate to be THAT guy to bring it up, but you know Wolverine’s healing factor would just make his foreskin grow back.

  2. This reminds me of a Twisted Toyface Theater story where Thing finds out he’s Jewish, and he gets invited to a seadr by Dr. Strange. Also on the guest list: Sabra, Kitty, Moon Knight (I think Ben calls him “David Duke” . . . I’ll have to check), and Magneto. In a cute moment, Kirk, Spock and Uhara beam down to the festivities, and Uhara beams out as Kirk and Spock glare at her. Two more highlights: a drunk Elijah Wood swing by to drink some wine, and Thing gets so bored by Kirk reading the story of Moses, that he travels back in time to punch Rama-Tut in the face. “Dat’s for The Scorpion King. Oh, and let my people go, y’mook!” Good times.

  3. Will Dr. Doom’s mother call him in the middle of a fight, and berate him for becoming a supervillain instead of a doctor or a lawyer?