Superman #707: Chris Roberson and the Big Turnaround



It’s been a while since I’ve straight up reviewed a comic book — which seems pretty weird for someone whose job it is to review comic books — but today, I sit down with Superman #707, in which Chris Roberson takes over after the massive flameout that was J. Michael Straczynski.

I liked the issue a lot, especially as it relates to Roberson’s stated influences, and I do my best to illustrate the connection and the contrast for the people out there who just didn’t get why this was a departure from what “Grounded” has been about thus far. I will say,though, that I could’ve done without Sexy Trail Guide Lois Lane, but the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum.

Oh, and for the record, “clustercuss” was one of the won’t-get-me-fired synonyms for “clusterfuck” that I solicited from readers on Twitter. Also suggested was “tanglebang,” which I like enough to start using in my day-to-day.

11 thoughts on “Superman #707: Chris Roberson and the Big Turnaround

  1. I think I’m gonna go back and pick up the whole of Grounded, partially because I really enjoyed the Chris Roberson interview and think his run sounds pretty fun and partially because I have a strange love for trainwreck comic books – and I’ve heard that JMS’s run was just that.

  2. What happened to Smallvillains Sims? D: Did you kill and eat David Brothers to gain his power?

  3. What happened to Smallvillains Sims? D: Did you kill and eat David Brothers to gain his power?

    I do the Smallville reviews with David Uzumeri, not Brothers. And while I did kill and eat him, it was for unrelated reasons.

  4. Tallest building in Iowa? Why did he have to fly? He could just have hopped.

    (I kid — I’m from Ames.)

  5. I liked that JMS issue of Superman where he says “Because fuck you and the rest of the internet, that’s why” to a journalist. For seven pages.

    But I do pity Chris Roberson – I know it’s a disservice to his work to say it, but he’ll never really know if he’s getting praise because he did well or praise because he couldn’t have done worse.

  6. Great review: might prompt me to buy the comic. I’m partial to fustercluck myself, but maybe that’s verboten by CA.

    And geez, doesn’t the troll above know DW? The proper simile is “gayer than a gay thing that’s gay.”