Smallvillains 9×13: Warrior



We’ve still got two weeks before Smallville returns to new episodes, so this week, our grand tour of alleged “classics” returns with Season 9’s “Warrior,” which features a magic comic book, Zatanna, Lois in increasingly pandering costumes, and even with all that manages to somehow be absolutely wretched.

We need a palate cleanser after this one, so for next week’s column, we’re looking for the best, most actually straight up good episode of the show to watch. Leave us suggestions over at CA!

5 thoughts on “Smallvillains 9×13: Warrior

  1. “Thirst”
    An episode that made my six year old niece make clawing motions in the air and hiss while pretending to be a vampire. Her mum thought she was making fun of homosexuals.

  2. Man, for some reason I remember the costume sequence from that episode gonig sexy Amazon >> creeped out by stares >> covered up with bulky Stormtrooper armor.

    Anyway, I’d recommend “Justice” because it really is the closest the show ever got to being legit good in the first seven seasons. For ththe first time, they did a superhero team-up. There was no patented Smallville craziness, but they stuck close enough to their own roots that you didn’t have any of the Literal Hawkman Awkwardness of later seasons.

  3. Next request: whatever the episode was where Clark first discovered he had heat vision in a masturbation allegory so blatant that it made the organic webshooters look subtle.

  4. I’d post this over at CA but I forgot my login.

    What you fail to take into account is the fact that, at least in this ep, Warrior Angel = Captain Marvel; ergo the “Warrior Angel #1 that nobody’s ever read” is actually the equivalent of Flash Comics #1 starring Captain Thunder, which was an ashcan and reworked into Whiz Comics #2 with Captain Marvel. It’s not that nobody’s ever known WA’s origin, it’s just they haven’t read that particular comic’s version.