The Dubious Romance of 1980’s Super Friends Action Valentines



Over at Andertoons, Mark Anderson has posted a set of Super Friends Valentines from 1980, and while the vast majority of them are the standard fare, there are a few — like the one above — that send a slightly dubious message.

That’s why over at ComcisAlliance, I’ve run down ten of the most dubious, featuring romantic no-nos from vague threats to actually stabbing someone with a pointy object. Admittedly, that last one might have a longstanding tradition in the world of romance, but I think only the metaphorical version is acceptable.

6 thoughts on “The Dubious Romance of 1980’s Super Friends Action Valentines

  1. In a perfect world, all your Comics Alliance articles would have alt-text for their images.

  2. The full roster of valentines has some curious aspects. Some “shipping” that’s obvious (Aquaman/Mera, GA/Black Canary), and some that’s only slightly less so (Superman/Wonder Woman or Batman/Batgirl).

    And then some combinations I don’t think ANYone ever thought of before: namely, Flash/Supergirl, and Flash, Green Arrow, and Wonder Girl “teaming up” for a threesome!

    Barry apparently got around a lot more than we give him credit for!

    Also, just a curious minor oddity, but Batgirl is referred to as “Batwoman” in this material. Can’t tell if they did the same for Supergirl, as she’s not referred to by name on the graphics.

  3. Well I don’t know about you guys, but nothing says Valentine’s Day to me like severed limbs!